Morning Class – Contemporary & Movement Research

In contemporary dance and improvisation, we usually strive to break through static positions and postures. Often, we think we succeed, yet our movement reaches only to the limbs, leaving out the torso. What can motivate us to move holistically? Where do we start? What is the shape and form of our organs? Which learned approaches do we adhere to?

In this class, participants are encouraged to experiment with formlessness, to trace the smallest movements in the limbs, to see, to breathe, to be present in space. Movements are expanded and developed from the inside out. Learned movement knowledge becomes secondary and an own tone, an own quality of movement comes to the fore. Participants are encouraged to go beyond previous and learned movement qualities and to observe themselves in the moment of movement.

The classes are led by an internationally active performer and choreographer. Numerous guest performances have taken him as a dancer to Belgium, Lebanon, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Special interest, in relation to his choreographic work, lies in the movements of nature and everyday urban life. The search for motivations and incentives that can be used to get people from all walks of life moving is also part of his artistic research. After his father suffered a stroke that resulted in hemiplegia, he used his knowledge of the body and movement to provide support. This work opened up new ways of looking at the body and has since been reflected in his own dance and choreographic work.

Mon, 13th dec, 10 a.m.-12 a.m.

Tues, 14th dec, 10 a.m.-12 a.m.

Studio 2

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