Tanzpol Berlin


Cédric Cherdel

30.05.2024 | 19:00 | Uferstudios Studio 14 + Artist-Talk

Language: EN, Dari | Price 15€ / 10€ reduced | Length: 60 Min

In his latest piece, choreographer Cédric Cherdel approaches the idea of choreographic documentation by providing a forum for the performer to speak directly to the audience. The young afghan performer, who calls himself Daniel, lives in France, is twenty-four years old and wants to become an actor. By experimenting with the format of the One-Man-Show and in dialogue the musician Rezai Abdullah he creates a choreographic self-portrait that openly bears witness to longings, disappointments, plans and visions for the future. Daniel embarks on a search for an environment that allows him to reveal himself, to show himself, that can give direction and that points to the future.

The performance aims to create space to think about what drives us, where our responsibilities lie, for ourselves and for others, what moves us and what makes us decide.

Notes on accessibility:

The performance includes French spoken language and Dari. A translation into English is provided via surtitles for reading along. The artist talk will be held in English. A translation into German will be provided via headphones. For information on content notes, sensory triggers, childcare and further notes on accessibility, click here:

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Concept: Cédric Cherdel
Performance: Sajad Ahmad Nayebi, Rezai Abdullah
Music: Rezai Abdullah
Scenography and lights: Cédric Cherdel
Management: Justine Lefebvre
Production: Association Uncanny

Cédric Cherdel After studying cinema at University, Cédric Cherdel joined a professional master-program in arts in Tours, France. In this context, Cédric developed his choreographic practices in collaboration with several choreographers such as Bernardo Montet, Thomas Ferrand, Susan Buirge, Latifa Laâbissi and others. In 2010 he joined the professional program From Interpreter to Author created by Maguy Marin, followed by a master degree in Essay, Performance and Choreography under the artistic direction of Emmanuelle Hyunh. Crossing path with choreographer and dancer Min Tanaka, Cédric decided to train Reiki, Japanese energy treatment, and traditional thai massage in several schools in Thailand.

Sajad Ahmad Nayebi grew up in Afghanistan. Sportsman since his early youth, he practices acrobatic gymnastics. Wishing to gain independence, be safe, and rebuild a new life, he left Afghanistan for Sweden where he lived from 2015 to 2019. Following the refusal of his asylum request, he finally was obliged to leave this country. In 2019, he arrived to France without knowing the language and without many contacts. It was an intense and disturbing period that he calls his “third birth”. In this period he adopted the nickname “Daniel”. Attracted by cinema and acting, he participated in various creative projects and took theater classes.

With the support of The Triangle – Cité De La Danse, Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national – Rennes, France. Association Uncanny is approved by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles des Pays De La Loire and supported by the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, The Departmental Council of Loire-Atlantique and the City of Nantes.

📷 Credits: Association Uncanny | Laurent Cebe | Privat