noufān نوفان

Noufān, Oliver Doerell, 2/5 BZ aka Serhat 

01.06.2024 | 11 p.m. | Sophiensaele, Kantine

Language: EN | Price: Free entry, with registration only! | Length: 120 Min



The concert and DJ set invites you to stay a little longer directly after the performance of Keeping Up With The Iranians, to dance and let the tanzpol Festival 2024 slowly fade out at Kantine in Sophiensaele. There will be a bar and plenty of good beats. Noufān and Oliver Doerell met in Tehran in 2015. Last year they decided to bring Noufān to life – a program something like a mixed sound of postpunk/kraut, trumpets and noise poetry. In addition, 2/5 BZ aka Serhat will play the audio-visual Dj-Set Ausländercore.

The event is free of charge. Due to limited capacity, register via

Please do so, even if you visited the performance Keeping Up With the Iranians right before. Only persons who registered will be allowed to attend this event.

Notes on Accessibility

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Trumpet, voices, tombak : Noufān
Everything else: Oliver Doerell
Djing: 2/5 BZ aka Serhat

 Noufān is a trumpet player & singer from Tehran, living in Berlin. He comes from the field of performance and theatre.

Oliver Doerell is an experimental musician and composer from Brussels. He moved to Berlin in 1991. He is the founding member of Dictaphone, SWOD and Cummi Flu. Alongside, he also composed music for films as well as dance- and theatre projects. He has released fifteen albums so far.

2/5BZ, aka Serhat has worked as a multimedia artist with various releases in video, music and literary formats since 1991 and has performed live audiovisual performances under the motto NO Touristik NO Exotik in 91 cities in clubs, festivals, squats and exhibitions in North America, Europa and Asia. 2/5BZ works and interviews have been featured in such as BBC (w/John Peel Sessions), Arte TV, Channel 4 TV. Serhat is co-curator and initiator of the Roaming Biennial of Tehran and featured the first wide-ranging book quide of audiovisual art and VJ culture (D-Fuse). Live performances took place at HKW, Akademie Der Künste, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Transmediale, CTM, ZKM. The last solo exhibition Remake Exotic Reality took place in 2023 (TRAFO).



📷 Credits: Privat