Tanzpol Berlin


Ulduz Ahmadzadeh

23./24./25.05.2024 | 10:00 -16:00 | Studio 2, ITI

Language: English / German | Price: 150€ / 100€ reduced


This workshop will explore the dynamic interplay between “contemporary dance” and the so-called “other” as traditional and folk dances. Drawing from the rich tapestry of underrepresented dance practices and rituals that have been practiced in the Iranian highlands since pre-Islamic times, such as Sama سما, Hatan هتن, Afar آفر and Ghare Pire Zhan ژن پیره قره. We will explore how these dances can inspire new dance perspectives, aesthetics, dance techniques and unique movement languages. Participants will learn key movement phrases and experiment with different choreographic approaches. They also delve into the uneven and complex rhythms and accents typical of the region, with the aim of understanding, counting and considering them choreographically. They will also be dealing with the historical and political background of this dance practice.

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Ulduz Ahmadzadeh is a choreographer, dancer, researcher, educator, and artistic co-director of the Vienna-based contemporary dance company ATASH عطش. Her artistic work breaks with Western aesthetics, developing a significant South and West Asian-influenced contemporary dance language and addresses socio-political issues and cultural hierarchies. She works at the intersection of dance, performance, video, installation, documentation and activism. Her most recent works tour internationally have been produced in collaboration with Tanzquartier Wien and Brut.

📷 Credits: Alexander Chitsazan | Sasha Osaka | Peter Rauchecker | Till Krappmann | Privat