Tanzpol Berlin


Sepideh Khodarahmi

27th/28th/29th of May, 12 –4 p.m., Uferstudios, Studio 6

Language: English | Price 150€ / 100€ reduced

The Erotic Clown is a movement-based workshop for exploring choreographies of erotica through the lenses of destruction, sensuality, comedy and disgust. The participants receive tools and methods departing from Sepideh Khodarahmi’s artistic practices within rhythm-based movement from club dance styles, “Sex-Siren” and hyper-gendered drag-practices. During the workshop we play with tools of destruction, seduction and hapticality in order to expand what ‘the erotic’ may be. We explore gazing and being gazed at in relation to inanimate objects. We grind, shake and wind our hips. We move sensually to silly songs. We invent and create rituals as a gateway into what a queer articulation of pleasure could be. We explore destruction as a gateway to reconstruction. We dive deep into the choreography of erotica to see if there are any jokes that we can laugh at there.

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Sepideh Khodarahmi’s roots are acting, dance, contemporary circus, drag, mathematics, street-dance, mime, iranian drag, queer. Busy balancing between making and performing. Sometimes teaching. Dealing with cake-sitting, drag, sticky mess, power, intimacy, high energy, acceleration, destruction Construction, existential humor, erotic, ass shaking, movement. In their work, sensuality is a recurring element and method. Name-Dropping Marina Abramovic, Unga Klara, Hooman Sharifi, JUCK and Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre to brag about a few workplaces. Graduated from Academy of Music and Arts in Gothenburg, Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University, Broadway Dance Center, Mime School at Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance.


📷 Credits: Micke Sandström | Anna Thors | Albert Häggblom | Privat